Daily Create #tdc3072

If I were an animal I think I would want to be a whale. It always amazes me and also frightens me when I realize that something this big lives in our oceans. I have always considered the ocean to be a pretty powerful thing, but when you consider everything that lives in the ocean, including the unknown, I instantly become frightened.

I was actually reading an article the other day on the American astronaut Kathy Sullivan who was the first American woman to walk in space. Just this week she also became the first woman to dive to the deepest point in the ocean known as the Challenger Deep, which is 7 miles deep. I personally WOULD NOT and I repeat WOULD NOT do that. Imagine all the creatures that you are surrounded by that you don’t even know are there..no thank you.

Back to the whales though! I think I have always had a love for them because of my mother. When I was younger, my mom and brother would always go fishing (I didn’t like going because I never caught anything) and they would always see whales out in the bay. I remember how upset I was because I had never seen one before, although I was always on the lookout. It was not until 2018 when I went whale watching that I finally saw my first whale. We actually had one go right under our boat and I instantly thought it was going to breach and that would be it, but it didn’t thankfully 🙂


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