We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch

At first I was not sure what direction I wanted to go in for this assignment. I started making a collage with some of my close friends, but then I decided to make one with my family instead.

Lola is my mother’s family name, which is where I got “The Lola Bunch” from. All of the grandkids pictured above my younger brother, niece, and I do not actually have the family’s last name. My brother and I have our father’s which is Veal and my niece also has her father’s which is Lacoote.

Top Left: Pictured here is my uncle Joseph, my mother’s younger brother

Top Middle: This is my mother!

Top Right: Pictured here is both of my grandparents, which breaks the one box per person, but my grandfather does not like taking pictures, so I had to really DIG for any picture with him.

Botton Left: This is my aunt, which is my ‘nieces’ mother.

Bottom Middle: Pictured here is my younger brother, although he looks like a giant!

Bottom Right: This is my niece! She’s technically not my niece, but I call her that anyway.

I really liked this assignment. Instead of using a website, I decided to use the app PicCollage on my phone, which was easy to use. The app itself is not free though, which is why you see the ugly watermark. The one complaint I would make about this app is that it does not allow you to choose how many boxes you would like, instead, you have to choose a pre-made template.

‘Back in the day’, I made collages all the time for friends for Facebook. You would post a status “Like my status for a collage” or something along those lines and you would then attempt to make one for every individual who liked you post. I am not entirely sure when this trend started, but that was the thing. I was always that person who would do every single one and I remember spending so much time on them!