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What I have Learned From these Courses

Coming into this assignment I did not know what to expect. I have always been interested in how coding works, but after completing some of the assignments I was very frustrated. I completed everything in the suggested order, but for some reason, the first few CSS assignments had me very confused. I finished the remaining HTML assignments and returned to the CSS course and felt much more confident in my abilities. When I went back on WordPress to work on other assignments it was like a switch had turned on and elements of the site I did not understand before made sense.

After completing Learn HTML, I am able to organize text throughout a website, as well as add images and videos. I now have a better understanding of common HMTL tags that are used throughout webpages, and their importance for the foundation of building a website. The Learn CSS module has provided me with the necessary tools to customize the appearance of a website by creating layouts and editing text font and color. Lastly, the make a website course has provided me with the resources to modify the structure of a website using CSS3, Bootstrap, and HTML5.

Below is a Screenshot of my Completed Work

I completed all lessons in Learn HTML, Learn CSS, and Make a Website.

Learn HTML

  • Introduction to HTML
  • HTML Documentation Standards
  • Tables

Learn CSS

  • CSS Setup and Selectors
  • CSS Visual Rules
  • The Box Model
  • Changing the Box Model
  • CSS Display and Positioning
  • CSS Color
  • CSS Typography
  • CSS Grid

Make a Website

  • Site Structure
  • A Closer Look at CSS
  • Boundaries and Space
  • Building with Bootstrap
  • Build, Deploy, and Host a Personal Portfolio with NameCheap

Badges: below is a screenshot from my Codecademy Achievements page. It will not display all 40 badges I have collected for my work.