Reading & Writing in the Digital Environment: WRT 304

Course Description

This course takes a hands-on approach to exploring, reading, and writing in digital (web) environments. Students in the course consider ways that digital writing environments create opportunities for writers to address multiple audiences, to bring together visual and alphabetic texts, and to involve readers in the construction of those texts. Students in the course develop a variety of digital texts including blogs, websites, and wikis. Students’ work is collected in an ePortfolio design and assembled over the course of the term.

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Reading and writing in the digital environment has provided me with the tools needed to analyze different writing styles in the digital world. Through my experience in constructing blogs and creating other digital works (e.g DS106 assignments, daily Create, and class discussion) I have become more confident in my digital writing abilities and reaching other audiences. This course has also given me a platform to display my creativity as well as my digital identity.

Work that Demonstrates my Knowledge

DS106 Assignments

Description: This is an opportunity for personality, creativity, and “digital storytelling.” It’s also a place to pick up some tech skills. Meet the guidelines and follow the schedule. It’s not hard.

A thoughtful, creative, funny, or otherwise provocative DS106 assignment, together with associated framing of the creation, posted on time according to the guidelines earns full credit.

NOTE: Make your own stuff! You can start with an existing image from something, but make your own by remixing in meaningful ways.

Source: Professor Cripps

Daily Creates

Description: Every morning at 5 AM, DS106 posts a new Daily Create (DC).  Read the Daily Create “About” page to learn how to subscribe to the DC via Twitter. This is the easiest way to stay on top of the DC to help you choose the ones that interest, provoke, or move you.

NOTE: A Daily Create must be done in the 24-hour window after it is posted. A Daily Create for May 27 must be done by 4:59 AM on May 28, for example, or it’s not done in the “daily” window. That’s the whole point of the “daily” challenge. Some are easy; some are harder. You get to look at the Daily Create in the morning and DECIDE if you’re up for it, but you must do 2 each week. (We do 1 in the first week and 1 in the last week.)

Source: Professor Cripps


Description: The blog project is a fairly straightforward digital writing project.  You choose a topic that interests you, blog regularly on the topic, and practice working in the blog writing genre.

The Three Rules for Us

  1. You must make at least one blog post in week one and two posts in each of the next five weeks. (11 posts, minimum).
  2. Blog posts must engage your blog’s “topic” and must work within the blog genre (see readings and Blog Project Criteria).
  3. You must explore (and exploit!) the features of the WordPress software (themes, widgets, images, links, etc.)

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Description: An online interactive platform that offers free and paid coding lessons.

A Screenshot of my Achievements

I completed all lessons in Learn HTML, Learn CSS, and Make a Website.

Learn HTML

  • Introduction to HTML
  • HTML Documentation Standards
  • Tables

Learn CSS

  • CSS Setup and Selectors
  • CSS Visual Rules
  • The Box Model
  • Changing the Box Model
  • CSS Display and Positioning
  • CSS Color
  • CSS Typography
  • CSS Grid

Make a Website

  • Site Structure
  • A Closer Look at CSS
  • Boundaries and Space
  • Building with Bootstrap
  • Build, Deploy, and Host a Personal Portfolio w/ Namecheap