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fdfdSahara Desert ’18


This is probably one of my favorite videos to date! In 2018 I studied abroad in Morocco and this video was from my trip to the Sahara Desert (Merzouga), which is easily one of the best adventures of my life. This GIF is when our group of 54 students was dancing around the fire to traditional Moroccan music performed by members of the Merzouga village not too far from our campsite. The night was filled with dancing, so much laughter, and many unforgettable memories!


our campsite off in the distance


You know when you see pictures of something and you wonder “how could that be real?”, well this was my experience visiting the Sahara. I never in a million years thought miles and miles of sand dunes could be so beautiful. Not to mention how beautiful the star-filled sky was.


post camel ride

Before arriving at the desert I told myself I would NOT ride a camel to our camp. I have never really been a fan of riding horses, so I knew riding a camel would be a similar experience. Turns out I ended up riding the camel because I couldn’t pass up a once in a lifetime experience due to my own fears! (I was still afraid though I cannot lie)



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