Daily Create #tdc3062

Today’s daily create the ‘ghostly collage’ was inspired by the latest uproar within communities across the nation. Sparked by the senseless killing of George Floyd, thousands have turned to protesting across the nation demanding that justice be served. After watching the 8 minute and 46-second video, I felt and continue to feel heartbroken and anger. Not only for those in close relation to Geroge but members of the black community that continue to fall victim to the system. Countless lives continue to be lost at the hands of law enforcement. We are no longer able to relax in our homes, go jogging, sell CDs, play loud music, lawfully carry a weapon, seek help from law enforcement, and the list continues. We can no longer breathe…we can no longer live. Although it may not be as impactful as protesting, donating to foundations, and signing petitions, I hope this may still bring awareness to the reality many members in the black community endure. We will continue to fight as long as the system continues to oppress us.


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