Selfie with Your Pet

After spending some time going through my camera roll, I realized that I have more pictures of my cat than with her, so please bear with me as this is the only photo I could find!

Her name is Pebbles and I am still not entirely sure what inspired me to name her that, BUT it is what it is I suppose. I got her when I was five years old so she has been kicking with me for 16 years now, which is 80 cat years apparently…CRAZY! Here is a little inside scoop, the day we were choosing a cat the decision was between her or her sister. I originally picked her sister, but my mother decided we were going to take the other one (Pebbles) instead. I recall how upset my I was because that was not the cat I had picked. That lasted maybe 20 minutes and then I was excited again because I had my own cat! My grandparents ended up taking her sister who is also still alive and she turned out to be off the walls crazy, so I guess my mother just knew (as she always does). 

Although she sleeps all day, runs around all night, and can get on my nerves at times, I am glad to be her person.


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