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I think the hardest transition for me when I found out I could no longer eat dairy and gluten, was finding snack alternatives. All of the meals my mother would make were gluten-free, so finding meal alternatives was nothing for me. Snacks, on the other hand, was much trickier.

Fruits, vegetables, and nuts are things I like to snack on, but these all happen to be both dairy/gluten-free by nature, so I included different alternatives below.

Snacks that happen to be dairy/gluten-free can get really expensive so I’ve managed to find both healthy, tasty, and affordable snacks that I enjoy!


Cliff Bars

Purchase here: Walmart

These are on the pricier side, but when I need something quick this is the perfect option. In the summer I work pretty early shifts and I tend not to get a good breakfast in before work. I am not an early person so you will find me scrabbling around because I woke up late and need to be out of the house in 15 minutes. This is an easy grab-and-go solution to missing breakfast and it surprisingly leaves me energized and full until late afternoon.


Sweet Potato Crackers

Purchase here: Bj’s

I first discovered these at Trader Joe’s a few years back and was not disappointed. The closest store location to me 4 hours away, so I do not get these often, but I recently found an alternative. Both brands are good, but RW Garcia is sold at BJ’s which is of easier access to me. These crackers are great alone or even with red pepper hummus!


Rice Cakes

Purchase here: Walmart

I’ve always liked rice cakes. I think my favorite ones would have to be the apple cinnamon ones! I have eaten so many rice cakes while in college that I had to take a break from eating them altogether. This is also such an easy snack, so whenever I would want something small I would eat a few rice cakes. For a more filling snack, I just throw some peanut butter on them!


Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Purchase here: Target

As a kid, I remember how fascinated I was at the fact that corn could indeed be blue. I have had many different brands, but these are the deal-breakers. Flax seeds have grown on me and they seem to be in a lot of different gluten-free snacks that I have tried, so that may be why these particular chips are better than others.

This is also one of the cheaper brands I have come across, just $2.99 at Target. If I were to purchase a similar brand at any of the local grocery stores here I would most likely pay between $4-$5.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Purchase here: Walmart

When I want something a little sweeter, these are what I go for! Tate’s can be a little pricy too for only 8 cookies, but they are delicious nonetheless. A few weeks ago I actually came across gluten-free chocolate chip cookies at Trader Joe’s. I am not sure if it’s a new product they are carrying, but I think they are slightly better than these and they are also much cheaper!


What are your favorite things to snack on? Comment below!

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