Daily Create #tdc3055

My original idea for this daily create was to use two 90’s RnB songs, I then decided on both and RnB and Pop song. During my first attempt, I used the Youtube DJ website to mix the songs Human Nature by Michael Jackson and Right Here by SWV. ‘Right Here’ already includes segments of the M.J. song, so I thought this would be pretty simple but I was wrong. I did not like the progress I was making with the Youtube DJ website, so I tried to mix the same songs using Garageband instead. I made more progress, but then I decided I no longer wanted to use these particular songs. The next two songs I attempted to mix with a website called Rave was Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi and Elastic Heart by Sia. What I like about the Rave website it that it not only mixed the audio but the video as well, which I thought was pretty neat. I liked where this was going but the song Elastic Heart was not the beat I was looking for. I wanted to use both a slower song and a more upbeat one, but it was difficult finding two the could mix well. I then mixed another song I like by Sam Smith called How Do You Sleep with Someone You Loved. After listening to this mix several times, this is the one I decided to go with!


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