Community Psychology: PSY 318

Course Description

“This course focuses on how psychological research is applied to improve the well-being of communities and the individuals within them. We will begin with the fundamental principles of community psychology, using examples from various community settings where it has been practiced (e.g., schools, the legal system, the health system, workplaces). Then we will explore prevention and intervention programs designed to address social problems, as well as the methodologies used to evaluate such programs.”

Source: U-Online

Community psychology focuses on the relationships between social systems and an individuals well-being in the community context. This course allowed me to identify and engage in informed discussion on the causes of contemporary social issues. Through my understanding of the material, I could then identify appropriate prevention and intervention programs that address social issues within communities. Once I was able to identify these programs, critiquing the methodologies and strategies for their effectiveness was much simpler.

Work that Demonstrates my Knowledge

Mass Incarceration of Vulnerable Populations

Description: For this assignment, your group will focus on the social problem that you studied for the literature review/annotated bibliography and write a seven to ten (7-10) page, APA-formatted paper in which you will discuss the extent of the issue, and provide clear evidence that the problem exists.  You will also discuss the negative outcomes of having that particular problem, and inherently persuade your reader why one should care about and pay attention to the issue at hand.  Make certain that you utilize community psychology-oriented conceptualizations and explanations for the cause of the problem.

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