What’s the Meme?

As I was going through the list of meme-able images and I came across the image of Jessica from Love is Blind, I knew I had to make a meme about her. I finished the show about a month or two ago and I am still not entirely sure how I feel about it. Normally I stay clear from reality TV shows, but my friend roped me in this time around. The overall concept of falling in love with someone that you have never met or seen before is very interesting, but I am still kind of skeptical about the whole process as far as making the show.

To give those who may not have seen the show some context on my meme, Jessica was one of the women involved in the experiment to determine whether love truly is blind. In the beginning, the blind dates she and Barnett were on went well, but towards the end of that segment they both ended up choosing someone else. Jessica was pretty indecisive from the beginning and I think a lot of that had to do with her self-image and confidence. She ended up engaged to another member of the show named Mark. The relationship they had was pretty rocky and in my opinion, Jessica is at fault. She was never 100% committed to the relationship that they shared, which was pretty obvious from the viewers’ perspective. In the end, she made the decision on their wedding day not to marry him. Jessica was probably my least favorite members of the show, which is why I am ‘throwing shade’ as one would say.

The process to make my meme was pretty simple actually. I ended up using Professor Cripps’ digital creation tool box to find the name of the specific font that is used for memes. I then used a word doc to place the text on my image, took a screen shot, and violĂ !


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