Daily Create #tdc3069

Image Credit: My Mother 🙂

I was not entirely sure how to go about making today’s daily create, as it was definitely up for interpretation! I decided to use an image taken in my backyard of a hummingbird for this assignment. I cannot take credit for the picture as my mother took it, but I did add the ’emotional coloring’ twist to the image. If you look closely you can see that the hummingbird is actually sticking out its tongue!

To add the emotional color effect to this picture I used an app called StoryArt. The app has a bunch of cool features like templates, effects, borders, etc., that can be used for both images and videos. I tried using a few different apps that I have on my phone, but I did not like the way things were coming out. For the final product, I ended up using the filter LO3 to create the light streak and tonal change on the picture.

Background Story on the Apple Tree

The apple tree pictured was actually not in our backyard 16 years ago when we first moved into our house. The original tree is actually a few houses over in my neighbors yard. When my brother and I were younger we use to take the apples from our neighbor’s tree and make ‘pies’ with them. One time we picked a bunch of apples, made our pies, and once we were done we dumped them down the cliff in our backyard. A few years later this apple tree appeared! Now the tree is so big that smaller surrounding apple trees are growing as well. It’s so fascinating to have watched this tree grow as my brother and I have over the years!


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