Say It Like The Peanut Butter

I really do not watch a lot of movies, but out of the few I have seen over the past couple of years “The Pursuit of Happyness” may be one of my favorites. This 2006 film is about a struggling single father named Chris Gardner (Will Smith), who strives to make a better life for both himself and his son Jaden Smith. Evicted from their apartment and with nowhere to go, Chris sets out to find a new job. He eventually lands a job at a prestigious brokerage firm and soon finds out that it pays no money.

The scene that I choose to make my GIF on is when Chris is explaining to his son that he needs to “trust him because he’s getting a better job” where his son then replies “I trust you”. This particular scene is one of my favorites because although the child is very young he understands small aspects of what trust means. Although it is acted out, I think it is so powerful! I also tend to be a pretty emotional person so this definitely pulled at my heartstrings.

Creating this was actually pretty simple. I used GifRun which allows me to pull a clip from Youtube. I then cut the video down to the scene I wanted, selected to create GIF, and the final result was exactly what I wanted. This website also allowed me to avoid an unnecessary watermark on the GIF