Turn a GIF into a FIG

Animated GIF

As soon as I read the description for this assignment I knew exactly what video I wanted to use. Above is 16 year old Jaiden attempting to make funny content for Snapchat. After dinner, my friend and I were on our way back to the dorms (I went to a boarding high school) and we saw this pile of boxes. I do not really remember who came up with the idea for this original video, but we went through with it anyways.

The theme for this snap was “going through life like” and then you will see me trip on the boxes. This video was actually staged and I had no intention of actually tripping, but I did and luckily I caught myself before I fell! We definitely had a good laugh after this.

Creating the actual GIF was not difficult, but I also run into the issue of embedding this GIF into WordPress. I tried quite a few different ways but had no luck. I actually ended up copying the image on GIPHY and pasting it here on WordPress, which seemed to work.

After watching the GIF in reverse mode a few times, I still think the normal one is better so I will include that too.

Animated GIF