Daily Create #tdc3071

For today’s daily create I was given the task to represent a word in morse code. I chose the word strength. It is not until we are faced with difficult circumstances that we reveal are our true strength. The strength many have had this year alone is remarkable. I can say that my own strength has been tested many times throughout this year and although it can be difficult to regain, the right company can serve as an added support.

The font used to create this is called Dominos St, which I found online. While I was working on this I imagined lining up dominos and creating a ripple effect by knocking one over and watching the rest fall. Although these dominos do fall, the strength then lies within the next domino to hold the previous domino up. Looking at this from the perspective of humans, when you ‘fall’ you are not necessarily alone. You will always be surrounded by loved ones and friends who will help you regain your strength to rise again.


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